Who We Are

       Our parent company Jiangsu Fuyou Chemical Fertilizer Catalytic Purification Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. is located in Guangqian Village, Ecological Chemical Technology Industrial Park, Suqian, Jiangsu. It belongs to the ecological protection and environmental management industry, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company completed the industrial and commercial registration at the end of 2014, covering a total area of ​​about 98 mu. The company currently has 78 employees, including 16 management and technical personnel.

       Business scope: R&D, production and sales of catalyzed and purified environmental protection materials in the fertilizer industry, catalysis and purification technology development and technology transfer, technical consulting services in the fertilizer industry, production and sales of sodium sulfate, disposal and utilization of zinc-containing waste desulfurizers (the company has a hazardous waste business license), self-operated and agent import and export of various commodities and technologies (except for commodities and technologies that are restricted by the state or prohibited from import and export), production and sales of sodium sulfate, and movable property leasing. (Projects subject to approval according to law can only be operated after approval by relevant departments)

     Licensed items: operation of hazardous chemicals (items subject to approval according to law can only be operated after being approved by relevant departments, and the specific operating items are subject to the approval results).